District Attorney May Sworn In For 2nd Term

The El Paso and Teller County District Attorney has officially stepped up for another term.

Dan May was sworn in as the 4th Judicial District Attorney Tuesday morning. The ceremony was held at Centennial Hall auditorium in Colorado Springs. New appointees include Assistant District Attorney Kim Kitchen and Chief Deputy District Attorney Margaret Vellar. Seventy-three Deputy District Attorneys and Investigators were also sworn in.

May says over the next four years his main goal is to fight for justice in our community and to provide public safety.

“Going forward, we are going to take a tough line on violent crimes. We're going to take a tough line on anyone who does a crime against our children whether it's child abuse or sexual assault on a child, we are going to take a tough stand," May explained.

May was elected D.A. for both El Paso and Teller counties in 2008. He will serve as D.A. for the next four years.