District 11 Recall Petitions Approved; Petitions Must Gather Signatures

El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams has approved the petitions submitted to recall six of seven Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education Directors.

The Recall Committee can now circulate the petitions for no more than 60 days. A minimum of 15,000 verified petition signatures are required for each of the petitions.

Petitions were initially submitted on Feb. 28 and, after review, were disapproved on March 4. The Recall Committee members, including Mariam Kurvink, Elaine Shoemaker, and Dorothy Dykes, submitted revised petitions March 5.

The Clerk & Recorder is the Designated Election Official (DEO) in school board recalls. Once the DEO receives a signed petition, it is reviewed and verified against the registration records.

The petition review must be completed no later than 15 business days after the initial filing of the petition. If the petition is deemed sufficient, a 15-day protest period begins. If a protest is filed, a hearing is set and is heard by the DEO. The hearing shall be concluded within 30 days after the protest is filed.

If the recall petition’s sufficiency is sustained, a date for the election is set. The recall election date shall be from 45 days to 75 days after the recall petition has been deemed sufficient and the time for protest has passed.

Nomination petitions for successor candidates may be circulated beginning the first date on which a protest may be filed and must be filed no later than 10 calendar days after the DEO sets the election date. Nomination petitions are taken out at the office of the DEO.

The timeline below for the recall process shows estimated dates. All dates are subject to change depending on when or if protests are filed, how many are filed and the length of time for the Clerk’s office to complete each step.

    3/07/13 – Petition approved for circulation
      3/08/13 – First day to circulate the petitions
        5/06/13 – Last day to file petitions with Clerk & Recorder
          5/28/13 – Petition review complete and notice of appearance of sufficiency or insufficiency issued
            6/12/13 – If petition is sufficient 15 day protest period ends on this day
              6/21/13 – Last day to hold a hearing if protest filed on last day
                7/12/13 – Final day for hearing decision
                  8/26/13 to 9/25/13 – If sufficiency sustained on last day, election date set between 45 and 75 days from 7/12/13

                  The school district is responsible for reimbursement to the Office of the Clerk & Recorder for reasonable expenses incurred in performing duties relating to the recall of an incumbent of the political subdivision.

                  The 2006 recall election involving District 11 cost $256,729.22.

                  The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s office today received a revised submission of petitions to recall six of seven Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education Directors.

                  The initial petitions were submitted on Feb. 28 and, after review, were disapproved as to form on March 4.

                  The Clerk’s Office has until the close of the seventh business day following submission to approve or disapprove a petition for circulation. Once approved, the petition may be circulated for no more than sixty days. A minimum of 15,000 petition signatures are required for each of the School District 11 Board Directors.


                  The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder has disapproved all six recall petitions submitted against District 11's Board of Education members.

                  Wayne Williams says the recall committee can resubmit the petitions.

                  "The findings, while important, were relatively small issues we believe the committee can correct rather quickly. We anticipate the committee will return the petitions for ultimate approval to begin circulation for signatures. Our office works diligently to facilitate citizens’ rights as outlined by the State Constitution.”

                  The petitions were submitted against Nora Brown, Al Loma, LuAnn Long, Sandra Mann, Elaine Naleski and Jan Tanner.

                  If the petitions are resubmitted and approved the petition can be circulated for no more than 60 days. Each petition would have to get at least 15,000 signatures to get a recall election.

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