Dist. 38 Takes Stand Against State Mandates

The Lewis-Palmer District 38 school board says they're taking a stand against state mandates.

In a meeting Thursday night, the board passed a resolution against the "ongoing erosion of local control, opposition to unfunded mandates, and ever-increasing state-mandated testing,"

The board says the mandates represent a substantial burden on local school districts and their students.

They say new testing requirements, changing curriculum standards and new teacher evaluation procedures just take away control from the district.

School Board President Mark Pfoff said, "Academic excellence is no accident, it's something we've worked on successfully for years. The bottom line is, every dollar the state tells us how to spend is a dollar taken away from local control. We're being told where more and more of our resources have to be used. We want to put our resources into our students. It's as if the state feels this is their money, but it's not. It comes from local taxpayers and our community should be able to determine how it's spent."

"We're concerned that the state is basically taking over more and more of the responsibilities that we believe should actually be at a local level, at the local community," Pfoff said.

Board members say the district is in compliance with all the latest mandates and will continue to do so. They do urge voters to contact local and state lawmakers to push for changes.