Disabled Mother Robbed In Her Own Home

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A local mother is afraid to open her own front door after being the victim of a frightening home invasion.

The masked man who did it is still out there.

The crime happened just after 3 p.m. on Monday on Tia Juana Street in Colorado Springs.

Amy Sanchez and her 5-year-old daughter are trying to get back to their normal routine, but it's hard. Sanchez can't seem to shake the images of the criminal who shoved his way into her house.

“Today I had to call my sister just to walk out the front door,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez has to use a wheelchair. Her leg was amputated because of cancer. She also has a skin disorder where he skin tears easily, and that make life tough. When she heard a knock at the door Monday afternoon, she thought a friend was stopping by, not a thief.

“I opened the door and I was parked right here [Sanchez moves her wheelchair to the center of the doorway], like this against the door and I had the door blocked like this [door opened one-quarter] and he pushed his way in,” Sanchez recalled.

She says the robber charged in and headed right to her daughter's bedroom.

“Then he grabbed my daughter's pink Kindle that was right here."

He scooped up the electronics and ran back out the door. Sanchez called police but the criminal got away.

Sanchez hopes others will learn from her experience, and always use caution before opening the door.

“If you don't get know who is at that door, don't open it because it's scary, really scary, especially when you're someone who can't fight back."

Because the suspect was wearing a mask, the suspect description is vague: a man between 18 and 25 years old, with a thin build. But a mistake the suspect made during the home invasion could prove to be his downfall: Sanchez said the thief grabbed a bottle of her medicine, then dropped it on his way out. Police officers took that bottle, and they are pulling fingerprints from it.

If you have any information about this case, please call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.