Designated Driver Hit By Alleged Drunk Driver

A designated driver taking someone home was hit by a drunk driver.

The crash happened early Sunday morning on south Carefree near Academy in Colorado Springs.

Police say a drunk driver pulled out of a parking lot, into oncoming traffic and broadsided a car. The car that was hit was driven by a volunteer for Designated Driver of Colorado Springs. The non-profit group provides a free ride home for people who have had too much to drink. They help get you and your car home.

Joel Amparan was getting a ride home in his car from the group when they were hit.

“Out of nowhere a guy, just comes flying out of the driveway. He just nails us right on the side of the car,” Amparan explained.

Nonie Rispin started Designated Driver of Colorado Springs four years ago to prevent accidents like this.

“To know that my driver and the people who had a plan, who cared enough to do the right thing, they called us, they asked us to get them home safely, and on the way home they're broadsided by a drunk driver. Anger doesn't even begin to explain it,” Rispin said.

Police say the driver got a DUI ticket and a ticket for driving with no insurance.
Amparan says he may have to foot the bill for the damage.

"Putting people's lives at risk, it's just completely not worth it."

This isn't the first time a volunteer with Designated Driver of Colorado Springs was hit by a drunk driver.
It happened two weeks ago in Colorado Springs. This time, it was the volunteer's car that was hit and totaled.

To contact Designated Driver of Colorado Springs call 719-650-3450 or visit their website,