Deputies Bring Their Own Clothes to Flood Victims

Deputies in Pueblo went above and beyond to help a family that was stranded during last night's flooding.

The county says the deputies went to their own homes to get dry clothes for a couple who were rescued with their three children.

The sheriff's office says an 11-year-old girl called and reported that the home on the 4100 block of 44th Lane was filling with water.

The family had retreated to the roof of their mobile home as flood waters rose around it. Rescuers braved the waist deep water and got the family to safety.

Deputies say the group A Community Organization for Victims Assistance supplied the children with clothes and toiletries. Two Pueblo County Deputies who weren't even at the scene went home to get clothes for the parents.

"Deputies Bethany Pettinari and Christine Guerin acted quickly and with big hearts. They heard the call on the radio and provided the parents with fresh clothing from their own closets. These deputies demonstrated attentiveness and compassion. They are a perfect illustration of the PCSO Service over Self motto,” Sheriff Kirk Taylor said.

The sheriff's office says it wants to remind people how dangerous flowing, and even standing water, can be. They say a driver hydroplaned and lost control of his truck in 6 inches of water during the storm last night. The driver made it to safety, but his truck ended up in a ditch in water deep enough to cover the roof. The sheriff's office says it better to go slow, pay close attention, and consider avoiding flooded areas completely.