Defending Against Attackers

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11 News talked to a local self defense teacher about what to teach your kids to make sure they can get away if someone tries to abduct them.

Diane Paulsen has been an instructor at Paulsen's Family Martial Arts for 20 years.

She says the girl in Aurora did the right thing when she screamed.

"Scream, stomp, use your elbows, use your palms, heel to the face, do something, anything to draw attention to yourself,” Paulsen explained.

One of the girls in Paulsen's class is 9-year-old Rachael McDonald. She heard about the Aurora girl's close call.

“I felt really sorry for the girl but happy that she got away,” McDonald said.

Paulsen also recommends using a household item as a weapon during a home invasion. You can use a broom or lamp to hurt the attacker, while you run for help.

There’s no word on how the little girl actually got away from her kidnapper.