11 Call For Action Alert: Deadline to File Taxes Arrives

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There are just hours left to file your taxes on time. The deadline is midnight to avoid facing a penalty.

If you haven't started the process, you might want to consider filing for an extension.

The experts say it's better to organize your information and get it correct, than to rush through it before the deadline.

You can apply for an automatic six-month extension to prepare your tax return. However, this is just for the paperwork; it does not give you more time to pay your 2013 tax bill.

To apply for an extension, just click on the link on the side of this page.

If you don't file for an extension, and you miss the deadline, you are looking at a monthly penalty of 5 percent of your unpaid tax balance.

If you fail to pay, you are looking at a monthly late fee and the IRS will also charge you interest on what you owe.

If you are mailing out your tax return, post offices in Colorado Springs will be open during their regular hours on Tuesday. They will not be staying open late.

However, the following five locations in the Colorado Springs area will take prepaid, prestamped tax returns for postmarking only:

Briargate Station, 8585 Criterion Dr.
Cheyenne Mountain, 1540 S. 8th St.
Cimarron, 5925 E. Gallery Rd.
General Mail Facility, 3655 E. Fountain Blvd.
Templeton Station, 4356 Montebello Dr.

You have until midnight to drop your mail in the outside collection boxes at these facilities.

Even though there are just hours left in the tax season, scammers are not backing down.

The IRS has issued an alert for a telephone scam, which is one of the most prevalent tax scams they have seen this year.

In many cases, the scammer calls and claims to be an IRS official. They usually demand payment over the phone, and might threaten to put you in jail if you don't comply.

Keep in mind, if you owe money the IRS will send you a written letter in the mail. They will never ask for your payment information over the phone.

The IRS says these scams will likely not end with the close of the tax season, so everyone needs to stay alert.