Daytime Burglary in Colorado Springs

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A Colorado Springs mom tells 11 News her family doesn't feel safe at home. This after a criminal broke into their house, in the middle of the day. Neighbors are worried the burglar might come back.

The family lives near Dublin and Peterson, on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

The mom tells 11 News the crook got into the house, stole cash and jewelry, and walked out the front door.

"It's frightening," said the victim. The mom of three doesn't want to reveal her identity. She says a burglar got in through their back window around ten Monday morning.

"Took money, jewelry, pretty quick things to grab, birthday money that my son had gotten."

Her 12-year-old son was saving the birthday money to buy an iPad. The mom tells 11 News all of her kids are on edge since the break-in.

"They're not sleeping well at night, not sleeping well in their beds."

David Jesse lives next door to the family. He says all of the neighbors are now on the lookout.

"Obviously we hope that they catch the guy," said Jesse. "People in the community need to be aware that this is going on."

Jesse tells 11 New he captured video on a dash cam, that he believes is of the suspect and the suspect's car. He's hoping police can use the video to catch the burglar.