CFA Investigation: Darren Pereida Construction Changes Name

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We first told you about Darren Pereida in an 11 Call for Action Investigation last month.

Gladys Rivas says she paid Pereida a $1,000 deposit for a $3,000 repair job, but says the only thing he did was ask for more money.

Gladys says, "Everyone knows he's taking advantage."

Gladys got suspicious and called us. I discovered Pereida had been convicted and served time in a Los Angeles jail for working without a license.

And I also learned he's not a licensed contractor here in El Paso County either.

Since our report, we're happy to tell you Pereida decided to give Gladys her money back.

And, he also decided to change the name of his company. His website looks almost identical to the last one and it's still under the same URL, but it's now The Ethan Company.

It still proudly displays the Better Business Bureau logo along with J D Power and Associates even though both groups say he's not connected with them and they've asked him to stop.

The Cathedral Pines subdivision and the person who owns this home have asked him to remove these photos from the site as well, but as you can see they're still featured here.

Despite the new name and the new look, Pikes Peak Regional Building assures me neither Darren Pereida Construction nor The Ethan Company are licensed contractors in El Paso County. We'll keep you posted.