Damage at RV Park After Tornado Hits Town of Lake George

About 6 RVs are damaged after a tornado hits the town of Lake George, about an hour west of Colorado Springs.

No word yet on how long the tornado was on the ground or how strong it was. The National Weather Service will probably go out there this week to take a look.

Residents who live there say they watched as their RVs and their cars were picked up in the air and turned over.

David Joiner lives there. He tells us, "It started hailing real bit. I looked out again and the tornado was right here so I grabbed my dog and ran to the lodge."

The owner of Lake Geroge Cabins & RV Park, Heidi Gleghorn tell us, "We watched out the window as the trailers were rolling, and the trees were coming down all around us. The roof was flying off everywhere. It was just completely terrifying and insane."

We're told one man had to cut into his RV to save his dog inside.

No one was hurt.

An evacuation center was set up for residents of the RV park, but no one stayed there Sunday night.