Hail Storm Causes Damage Across Colorado Springs

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A lot of folks in Colorado Springs are cleaning up after Wednesday’s hail storm.

The hail storm cracked Robert Worrall's windshield in three different places. His car was parked downtown Colorado Springs.

“Just hail like unbelievable, flying all over the place,” Worral said.

In a neighborhood not far from the Broadmoor, a black tarp covers a living room window, which was shattered by the hail. The neighbors' cars were also damaged.

"Hail the size of a golf ball destroyed both of our cars, broke the mirror of the 4Runner. It was coming sideways,” Kevin Knapp said.

Laurie O'Neal prayed the damage to her car wouldn't be too bad.

“We kept hearing the hail crack against glass, I just knew it was my car,” O’Neal said.

In Motor City, the hail pelted hundreds of cars sitting out on display at Phil Long Ford.

“I’d say 90 percent of our inventory got damaged by it. It was just crazy,” Jeremiah Swartz of Phil Long Ford said.

The homes right outside Motor City have quite the mess to clean up. Several homes have broken windows and one home had holes in the siding from the hail.

As for the Phil Long Ford dealership, they plan to have a hail sale in the next few weeks.