Dad Wants Safety Changes Made To School

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School shootings like Tuesday's incident in Georgia have parents across the country worried. One local family told 11 News what they're asking their local school district to do about keeping all kids safe.

Damon Burrows said he’s mostly interested in giving teachers tools to protect themselves and their students in high pressure situations.

He's suggesting things like bulletproof whiteboards they could use as a shield. Some schools in California already have them, but Colorado Springs' District 11 said it's just not that easy.

"There are some things and reasons why we are able or not able to do some of the suggested things that come from families," D-11 spokeswoman Devra Ashby said.

Burrows has two kids in McAuliffe Elementary in Cimarron Hills on the east side of Colorado Springs.

In January he said he approached the school principal and District 11’s security department with several suggestions to improve safety.

"Every single one of those had been denied either on merit that it was not a viable security measure or based on funding," Burrows said.

His goal is to protect everyone in the school with methods to slow down or stop unwanted intruders.

Currently all D-11 elementary and middle schools have locked doors with buzzers to allow visitors in. Burrows is calling for a second, locked interior door, acting as just one more barrier.

"Parents, please get involved with PTAs, please reach into your checkbook for the fundraising because these are simple measures that potentially can provide the delay to allow first responders to get to the school," Burrows said.

Burrows told us he understands funding can be tough, but he's also hoping that with the recent tragedies, policies could be re-evaluated or possibly changed.

District 11 said safety is a top priority. They said they have increased security patrols and have at least two "shelter in place" drills a year-- which simulate an intruder inside the school.