Air Force Cadet's Court Martial Begins

Cadet 2nd Class Stephan H. Claxton

Cadet 2nd Class Stephan H. Claxton's court martial for allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow cadet began Tuesday. It is scheduled to last until April 20.

A woman testified at a hearing in January that Claxton, who is in the class of 2012, allegedly crept beside her while she slept in March 2011 and placed her hand on his genitals. Prosecutors allege he also unzipped the pants of a woman who was passed out after a night of drinking in November.

Claxton was among three Air Force Academy cadets charged this year in separate sex assault cases.

All three were alleged to be in violation of Article 120, which as of 2007 constitutes rape, sexual assault, and other sexual misconduct.

According to the Air Force, Maj. Gen. Richard Clark has dismissed all charges against Cadet Kyle A. Cressy, class of 2012. He had been charged with aggravated sexual assault.

Commanders have yet to decide whether to send Robert Evenson to a court martial.

According to an affidavit released by the AFA, Evenson, a 2011 graduate, raped a fellow cadet between March 1 and July 1 of 2010. The rape charges include additional specifications of aggravated conduct and indecent acts, which according to the affidavit include Evenson holding a woman down while masturbating over her, and engaging in inappropriate sexual conduct while forcibly restraining the victim.

Additionally, Evenson faces charges of engaging in an unprofessional relationship, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. The charge papers indicate he is suspected of abusing his position as the Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer for Honor by helping a cadet in exchange for a dating relationship and sexual favors.

Evenson is currently working at the Academy.

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