DOC Changes Policy Regarding Parolees And Monitoring Bracelets

For five days, the fact that Evan Ebel's electronic monitoring bracelet no longer worked went undetected.

Ebel was long gone when parole officers arrived at his home--just hours before Colorado prison chief Tom Clements was shot. Ebel is believed to be Clements' killer.

The Colorado Department of Corrections is now changing its policy regarding parolees and monitoring bracelets. The DOC announced Tuesday that parole officers will now be required to respond within two hours of receiving an alert from the monitoring equipment worn by parolees.

Previously, parole officers were not obligated to contact parole offenders within a certain amount of time.

In Ebel's case, a warrant for his arrest on parole violations was not issued until March 20--one day after Clements was killed. His bracelet stopped working March 14.

After the discovery that Ebel slipped his ankle bracelet, the state began reviewing their system on how they keep tabs on offenders who are on parole.

The policy took effect Sunday as a result of this ongoing review.

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