DNA Rules Out Link Between Suspect In Mother's Murder And Ridgeway Case

For a minute, police thought they might have Jessica Ridgeway's killer in custody.

Ari Liggett, 24, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the death of his mother in Arapahoe County. He was found driving with the dismembered remains of a woman in the backseat of his car, later identified as his mother. Liggett and his mother had both been reported missing Monday.

A law enforcement source told sister station KCNC that the similarity in the state of Jessica's and Beverly Liggett's remains aroused suspicion that their deaths could be connected, as did reports that Ari Liggett's mental state was worsening around the time Jessica disappeared in early October.

DNA testing, however, has ruled Liggett out as a suspect in the Ridgeway case. He does continue to be held without bond in the Araphaoe County Sheriff's Office Detention Center on pending first-degree murder charges for his mother's death.

Authorities are currently looking into all past crimes in Jessica's neighborhood, as well as investigating sex offenders and parolees living near her home, for possible links with her abduction and murder. According to KCNC, more than 200 investigators are working on the case.