DA: Officer-Involved Shooting Justified

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A district attorney has ruled that an officer-involved shooting was justified.

The shooting happened on New Year's Day in Cañon City.

Police say 46-year-old John Freyta had violated a protection order. When officers spotted him, he took off in his car.

They chased him to the base of a trail, and Freyta ran from his car. An officer and a Fremont County deputy chased after him.

Investigators say Freyta eventually stopped and appeared to reach for a gun. The officer yelled at Freyta to see his hands and even fired a taser.

Freyta reportedly threw a rocks at the officer and deputy, who then fired.

Freyta survived and told investigators he wanted the officers to shoot and kill him.

District Attorney Thom LeDoux said in the official memorandum released Friday that "each and every one of the responding law enforcement officers acted reasonably, and use of deadly force was justified at each and every instance in which it was deployed."