D-11 Reacts To Recent Alleged Abduction Attempts

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In light of two recent reported abduction attempts a week apart, both in District 11 neighborhoods, the school district is imploring parents to speak to their kids about stranger danger.

You can read about both incidents by clicking here and here.

D-11 has made the following tips available on their Facebook page for parents to share with their children. The school district say these are the practices their schools use:

1. A stranger is just someone you don't know and can look like anybody.
2. Don't let a stranger get close to you, talk to you, or give you anything, unless you check first with the adult
in charge.
3. If you are old enough to be out on your own without an adult to ask, it is safer to be where there are other
people close by to get help if you need it. Don't give personal information to a stranger or to someone who
makes you feel uncomfortable.
4. It is OK to get help from strangers if an emergency is happening to you, and there's no one close by that
you know.
5. Check first with the adult in charge before you go anywhere with anyone (a stranger or someone you
know). Be sure to inform the adult in charge where you are going, who will be with you, and what you will
be doing.
6. A stranger can be nicely dressed, can look friendly and can be friendly.
7. A stranger should NEVER ask you for assistance.
8. A stranger should NEVER ask you to help find a lost puppy or kitten.
9. A stranger should NEVER offer you candy, money or a ride in their car.
10. ALWAYS check with your parent or the person in charge of you before going anywhere or getting into a
car-even with someone you know.
11. ALWAYS get permission from your parents or the person in charge of you before leaving the yard or a play
12. ALWAYS take a friend when you go places or play outside.
13. NEVER tell anyone that you are home alone when answering the phone.
14. NEVER answer the door when you are home alone or when no adult is home with you.
15. If a stranger tries to grab you YELL "you're not my mom!" or "you're not my dad!"
16. If a stranger tries to grab you GET AWAY!!! Run to a neighbor's house, to an open school or to an open
business. Discuss places you can go in your neighborhood. 17. If a stranger tries to grab you TELL AN ADULT! A parent, a grandparent or a teacher are good people to
tell. Discuss people you know who you can tell.
18. Make sure you know your full name, your address and how to call 9-1-1
--How to stand and walk with awareness and confidence. --How to keep a safe distance from someone approaching them.
--How to walk away from a stranger without talking or hesitating even if that person is being very nice.
--How to make a plan for getting help if they need it.
--How to make noise, run, and get to safety in case of an emergency.
--How get assistance from a busy or insensitive adult.

Jenkins Middle School also issued an email for parents Tuesday. It is available on their website, which you can access in our sidebar.