Crucial Vote Ahead In Balancing Springs Budget For 2011

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Colorado Springs City Council members have a crucial vote ahead of them Tuesday. It will get them one step closer to balancing the 2011 budget. The outlook is much better than what we saw this time last year.

The city has a $10 million surplus to work with, meaning some things the city lost last year could be coming back by 2011.

"It's all good news in my opinion, said city council member at large Jan Martin. “Colorado Springs is on its way back."

If the budget is approved some recreational facilities and community centers would re-open. Front Range Express(FREX), the commuter bus from the Colorado Springs to Denver and Saturday bus service would be preserved for at least a year.

Last year the city decided to turn off a third of the cities street lights to save money. Right now, the 2011 budget proposal would turn on street lights, strictly in neighborhoods while lights in other parts of the city would remain off.

It was also last year when the city stopped grooming city medians. Parks dried out and trash cans at those parks were taken away. Bathrooms were closed as well. As the 2011 budget stands now, the city would turn on water to all of its parks, put trash cans back in place and open the bathrooms.

Before the 2011 budget is approved if it will have to pass a vote in city council Tuesday and once more in two weeks.

“It does require two votes,” said Martin. “By law, we have to have a balanced budget before the end of the year.”

Stay with KKTV and for results of today’s scheduled vote.