Crowds Brave Cold, Long Lines For Black Friday Shopping

While most were sitting down to turkey and stuffing, some dedicated Black Friday shoppers were already flocking to shops around the Springs.

Cold temperatures and long lines were no match for these dedicated Black Friday shoppers, many who stayed up all night in search for the perfect deal.

At 2:46 a.m., stores like Old Navy were reporting average wait-times of more than two and a half hours at checkout counters. Over at Chapel Hills Mall, some shoppers were starting to get a little aggressive.

"Shoving each other, bumping into things," Andrea Thompson told 11 News, describing the chaos.

Despite the literal hustle and bustle, most shoppers were in good spirits, and were rewarded for sacrificing sleep by getting most of the things they wanted, from electronics to sparkly Uggs.

Across the country, most retailers reported similar euphoria among customers and employees alike.

"It's a huge party, this store is teeming with people who are excited to be here. It's a celebratory atmosphere actually," Toys R Us CEO Jerry Storch told CBS News. "It's also just an incredible sea of humanity."

Not everyone approved of the mass consumerism on display, particularly with Black Friday creeping into Thanksgiving. Hundreds of demonstrations across the country popped up at Walmart, protesting the extended holiday shopping hours, which began at 8 p.m. Thursday. The protests were part of a broader campaign against treatment of Walmart workers.

One of the larger protests was one in Lakewood, Colo., involving more than 100 people.

Retailers say that the longer hours were put in place because that was customers wanted. According to the Associated Press, Walmart said they learned customers wanted to start shopping immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, allowing them to get some sleep before hitting the stores the following morning. Retailers such as Target and Toys R Us concurred with Walmart's stance.

Nationally, up to 147 million people are expected to shop through the weekend.