Vehicles Targeted At Springs Apartment Complex

Criminals looking for some quick loot shattered windows on several vehicles parked at a Springs apartment complex Thursday morning.

Police say at least four cars were broken into at the Cheyenne Meadows Apartments off Highway 115 and Cheyenne Meadows on the southwest side of town.

One man has been arrested after police say he tried running from officers. He was soon located in a drainage ditch near the scene of the crime. The suspect has been identified as Earvin Jamal Mosley. Police have not said if any other people were involved.

Police say we should all take precautions to avoid vehicle break ins, but that people living in apartments are especially vulnerable to crooks. The reason is because the high volume of vehicles in one place makes for an especially attractive target for thieves.

To avoid becoming a victim of a vehicle break-in, officers advise that you not only remove all valuables, but remove all bags as well. That duffel bag with you smell gym clothes? Police say thieves may spot it and break into your vehicle thinking it contains a laptop.