Crooks Steal Presents From Single Mom

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A local mother tells 11 News she's afraid to stay in her own home tonight.

Don't look for presents under Heather Dahlberg’s tree. They're not there.

Burglars have broken in twice, most recently a week before Christmas, taking gifts she had under the Christmas tree.

"You want to scream, and cry and yell," Heather said. "But it doesn't get you anywhere."

Someone helped themselves twice, the second time breaking in while Heather's daughter Bree was sleeping in her room.

"I don't feel safe anymore," Bree said.

They didn't stop with the wrapped presents. They also took the family laptop and a printer that was still in the box.

Bree and her mom aren't the only victims either; some of the presents taken were for Bree's young cousin, who is moving out of state after Christmas.

They don't have the time or budget to replace the missing gifts.

"Those things can be replaced,” Heather said. “You can't replace a person."

They still have each other, which a mother and daughter say is one of their blessings to count this Christmas.

Police remind everyone to be cautious with gifts and encourage families to not leave them in plain sight.

Heather took what was left and is storing it in a more secure place until Christmas.