Crooks Change Car Titles Before Selling

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We have an 11 Call For Action Alert about a dangerous scam involving used cars called title washing.

Crooks are changing car titles before selling them, so you can't tell if the car has had major damage.

According to Carfax, there are almost 800,000 cars out on the roads right now across the nation, with altered car titles. That includes about 10,000 cars right here in Colorado.

Often these cars have been in a major accident and have been rebuilt, or they were damaged in flooding. The crooks fix the car and then move it to other states to be sold.

Victims might end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs and can put themselves and their families in danger.

"When that information is no longer there, buyers think they are getting a good, clean car because the title is clear," said said Chris Basso, the PR Manager for Carfax. "The problem is that these cars typically are fixed cosmetically in order to make them look good and are sold to unsuspecting buyers, who look at the title, see that it's clear and lay down their hard earned money."

To avoid getting ripped off, make sure you have the car checked out by a certified mechanic before you buy it.

Take the car for a test drive, and make sure you are able to look at the vehicle history information.

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