Crooks Caught On Home Surveillance

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11 News has the surveillance video of crooks breaking into a local home. It happened near Fountain and Union on Chalmers Road in Colorado Springs.

The homeowner is hoping the images he captured of the suspects will help police make an arrest, especially since they weren't afraid to fire shots as they tried to break in.

In the home surveillance video you can see two men wearing ball caps and bandanas. They have guns in their hands and walk slowly to the back of the house. The homeowner was inside, asleep.

"I started hearing ding, dong, ding, dong and someone was real persistent and they wanted me to come to the door.”

The homeowner got out of bed and found a woman at the front door. She asked to use his cell phone but he felt uncomfortable and said no, then he headed back to bed.

“I closed the door and within the next 30 seconds I heard them kick through the back window. I realized this girl was setting me up."

He called police and ran downstairs. A few minutes later two bullets ripped through the living room walls. But the criminals took off as police officers pulled up. Now the homeowner is hoping his surveillance video will play a role in getting these dangerous criminals off the streets. Until then he told 11 News he doesn't feel safe.

“I can't even stay here anymore, not through this stuff; I mean they shot at my house.”

Police officers have a copy of the video and are currently investigating this case. Officers say these home video surveillance systems are extremely helpful evidence. Many times the cameras discourage crooks from even trying to break in.

If you know anything about this attempted break-in, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.