Criminals Using Fake FBI Alert in Attempted Scam

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During a routine cleanout of his e-mail inbox, Barry Mawson stopped suddenly when he saw an alert on his computer:

"It says FBI Cyber Crime Division,” Mawson said. “You almost have a heart attack yourself!

The emblem on the message looks official. The alert is very serious, indicating Barry was somehow involved in a child porn investigation. Then, Barry called the FBI, and finished reading the entire message.

"To get rid of this you send in $300 to ‘money-pay,’" Mawson said.

The whole thing is a scam, put out by criminals to scare people into paying up.

"If you pay money, don't these people realize if you pay money this is only the start?” wondered Barry. “Then it's another $300 and another $300."

Barry now has an alert of his own: don't be fooled if this shows up in your e-mail inbox. The FBI reports it's been seeing these kinds of scams using its logo and acronym for years and points out it would never send threatening letters to people demanding payments for internet crimes.

Barry says he's taken in his computer to have it inspected and cleaned out by an expert and installing new security software.

If you get a message like the one Barry got you can file a complaint with the FBI. Clink the link below for more information about filing a complaint.