Criminals Target Home Under Construction in Mountain Shadows

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It's insult to injury: a local family tells 11 News vandals hit the home they're rebuilding in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood after losing theirs to the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Jonni McCoy is simply in shock. Whoever broke into what will be her new house seemed to have one goal.

"Do you really have to hit us now after everything we've already been through?" she wonders.

The person, or people, who smashed through a door at the home on Courtney Drive didn't steal anything. They ignored expensive tools left there by the home builder but damaged some of the McCoy’s property: two microwaves and part of an air conditioning unit.

"They actually smashed one of the randomly chosen things and threw it in the yard,” Jonni said. "What's that all about?"

Insurance will not cover the damage. Jonni says replacing the stuff the vandals destroyed will cost the family thousands out of pocket.

"Sadly I think people are taking advantage of the situation,” she said. “They know nobody is out here and it's really quiet at night and they can get away with it."

In the meantime, work continues on the house, and Jonni says despite this setback, she can't wait to finally go home.

The McCoy family plans to move into the house in about two weeks.