Criminals Caught On Camera

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A woman thought her purse was safe, but a group of people caught her off guard and stole it from her. Now, she's just asking for one sentimental thing back.

Ling YuFang told 11 News while she was distracted, the group found her purse, stole cash and--most importantly to her--they took her grandmother's ring.

Caught on camera, five people walk right into the Golden China Restaurant in Limon.

Ling said a middle-aged woman pulled her aside, asking if they could host a party for an ailing 67-year-old friend that same night. At first, Ling resisted, but the woman told her doctors had given her friend just two months to live, and needed to throw her a special party quickly.

When Ling agreed, they took her into the other room to talk about decorations. On the surveillance video, a young woman can be seen ducking down, scooting behind the counter and looking around.

"Maybe that same time (I was in the dining room) that young girl go to counter over there take my purse," Ling said.

While Ling was in that other room, the other, younger crooks started digging through her purse and pocketed some cash. Then, Ling said, they also stole her grandmother's ring. It was in the purse too, and it's much more important to her than the money.

"My mom, she's from Taiwan, she come here so she give to me, tell me, say that grandma give to her so my mom give to me," Ling said.

Just a few minutes after they left, Ling had a strange feeling and realized what happened.

"I don't know what happened just feel something, later I go over there check my purse, that time my purse everything's just open," Ling recalled.

She's now hoping someone will recognize just one person, if not the entire group. Ling said she took the ring off that day because she didn't want to ruin it. It's a gold band with a citrine gem, possibly amber, about the size of a dime.

The full surveillance video has been linked below. If you have any information about these thieves or the crime, you’re asked to call Limon police or the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.