Family Displaced After House Fire In Security

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A very close call for a family of four Saturday night in a Southern Colorado neighborhood. A large fire started in Security that came dangerously close to spreading to other homes nearby.

While firefighters are investigating every possible cause for the fire, the family told 11 News it was a short from their freezer that started it.

When Security firefighters got on scene, they told us the back of the home was already fully engulfed. Crews had the fire knocked down within 10 minutes, but had to cut through the ceiling and roof of the kitchen to gain control. Three fire engines responded, and windy conditions forced firefighters to set up the ladder in case the fire was carried to neighboring homes by the wind.

We spoke to a neighbor two homes away, who says this fire was very scary for her and her children. They, along with three other homes, lost power as the fire broke out.

The family living in the home says the mom was napping with her 3-year-old when her husband rushed in to alert them.

“It was a panic because I was asleep and he comes running in yelling at me, 'Get the baby, the house is on fire.' So I just stood up as fast as I could, get the baby and ran out of the house,” Natasha Cinkosky said. “There wasn’t any time to think, I was just moving.”

The couple says the most important thing is that everyone in the family is safe, including their two pet birds and dog. They'll be staying with family for the time being.