Coyotes In Local Neighborhood

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If you see one stay away from it. That's the warning the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife is issuing.

The warning comes as a Colorado Springs woman shares her close encounter with a coyote with 11 News Monday night.

Gerrie Gibson says she saw a coyote just a few blocks from her Cimarron Hills neighborhood near Powers and Palmer Park Blvd.

The coyote has been seen running through the neighborhood on two separate occasions. It concerned Gibson that the coyote was comfortable enough to trot on the sidewalk and get close to homes.
"I have a mini dachsund, I also have a cat and they do go outside and I'm concerned that maybe they'll be taken by the coyotes," Gerrie Gibson said.

She wants all her neighbors to be aware so a coyote doesn't snatch a small pet for a midnight or early morning snack.
"I don't want that coyote to get my dog for a treat, that's for sure," she said.

11 News talked to Mike Seraphin the spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. He says Gibson is doing the right thing by spreading the word. He says she will need the help of the whole neighborhood to help discourage the animal from coming around.

He says to keep pet food inside and the trash sealed. Keep your animals on leashes and if you see a coyote you can throw rocks, spray water or yell at it to get it to move on.

Seraphin says it's imperative that everyone in the neighborhood follow those discouraging behaviors.

"Negative reinforcement is something they'll remember, if you encourage them by having food available, they'll remember that too," said Seraphin.

Experts say coyotes are known to kill small pets.