Coyote Kills Family Pet in Local Neighborhood

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We have new information about reports of coyotes roaming some local neighborhoods. One family tells 11 News a coyote killed their pet.

It happened Monday in the Cimarron Hills neighborhood on the east side of Colorado Springs.

"We buried her last night in the yard," said Chris Phillips.

There is now a tiny grave marked by some purple flowers for a black cat called Midnight, which was the Phillips family pet.

"She was beautiful, we rescued her," Chris said.

Midnight was attacked by a coyote near a tattered fence at Hathaway Drive and Chippewa Road, a short walk from the family's house.

11 News first reported in February a coyote has been seen a few blocks from the area.

If it's the one that killed Midnight, the Phillips have now seen it too, and say it shows no fear of approaching people.

"After school there's a bunch of kids who don't have adults with them, just walking home, it's a bad situation," said Ryan Phillips.

The Phillips say the neighborhood now is watching their pets closely and staying on alert for another encounter.

11 News spoke with the Colorado Divison of Parks and Wildlife on Tuesday. A spokesperson said they’ve received a report about the Phillips’ case. Generally until a coyote shows more aggression towards people or bites someone there's no plan to move the animal from the area.

Instead, neighbors can try to make coyotes fear people which can be done by making loud noises, or even throwing rocks at them. If the animals are not comfortable around people, there will likely be fewer encounters.

In the meantime, El Paso County is hosting two public meetings about coyote encounters, on March 9 and March 13. Call (719) 520-6387 to register.