Couple Uses "Find My Phone" Service To Track Down Stolen iPhones

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An iPhone app may have led a couple to their stolen phones, but now the pair feels they have hit a dead end.

After discovering their vehicle was burglarized while at a movie theater in Pueblo, Kurt and Emme Nordyke used Apple's iCloud service to track down their missing phones. The "Find My Phone" service led the couple to an apartment building in Pueblo, but no one answered when police knocked on the door to ask about the stolen phones.

Lacking a search warrant, officers didn't go inside the apartment.

"That feeling is very frustrating. In a sense, our stuff was stolen from us and yet the thieves are protected in their house,” Emme said.

The Pueblo Police Department said that there is a chance the tracking system was off by a few feet, and that the phones were in a different apartment.

In addition to their phones, thieves stole the Nordykes' credit card. The card was used before the couple could cancel it.