Couple Who Lost Home Receives Gift from the Ashes

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When we first met Andrew Crump you couldn't help but notice his positivity. He and his wife, Jennifer, lost their home during the Waldo Canyon fire but still had an incredible outlook.

"We could choose to be desperately upset and sad and think this is really the end or think we've got our future and our hope and we can think of rebuilding," said Crump in July.

Now, ten months later. they haven't decided whether they'll rebuild but what they have started is a family. In a remarkable twist, they realized their new baby girl was conceived the morning the fire started. That night they were forced to get out of their home.

"It was such a strange time in our life of being displaced it was pretty easy to figure it out," said Jennifer. "It's the last thing you think is going to happen, you just lost everything, and you realize you're pregnant and you're a little bit startled."

Her name, Teagan Seraphina, which they told me means "beautiful, burningfiery one."

"She's our beautiful angel," said Andrew. "Let's hope she's not got a firey temperament."

Fiery or not, they call Teagan their "beauty for ashes" gift

"The Welsh view wildfire as the Holy Spirit," said Jennifer. "For us wildfire was a redemptive thing not a destructive thing."