Couple Stops to Help Girls Wandering Near Busy Intersection

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Two young girls are home safe and sound, after they were found wandering near a busy intersection.

Police say the girls were getting ready to cross the street at Platte and Murray, when a husband and wife intervened.

Police say the girls, who are four and six-years-old, snuck out of their apartment while their grandparents were home. They were reportedly going to the park.

James Yancey and his wife were driving on Platte, when they saw the girls trying to cross at Murray. They immediately pulled over to help them.

Yancey, who is a father himself, says he was worried the girls might be ran over, or worse.

"I'm just happy we got them before some sicko did," said Yancey.

The Department of Human Services was called in, but they have wrapped up their investigation and determined there is no neglect going on.

Police tell 11 News there will be no charges filed in this case.