Couple Pleads Guilty To Stealing Thousands From Grandparents

Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office/KCNC

A married couple swindled their grandparents out tens of thousands.

William and Karen Young of Commerce City pleaded guilty this week to stealing almost $230,000 from William's grandparents while he acted as their power of attorney.

Francies and Harland Gibbs named William power of attorney after moving into an assisted living home in Sept. 2008.

Documents show William and Karen dipped into the elderly couple's account on a regular basis beginning in 2009, using the money for everything from paying down their mortgage to trips to Las Vegas. The couple spent an average of $12,000 a month in stolen money, their attorney said in a plea hearing Wednesday.

Harland died in November 2010; shortly thereafter, police were notified that the Gibbs' account had been drained.

The couple pleaded guilty to theft of an at-risk adult over $500 and will be sentenced May 13. William could face four to 12 years in prison, while Karen faces one to three years.