Couple Gets Away With $1,000 in Jeans

Credit: Pueblo Police Department

Police are searching for two suspects they believe stole over $1,000 worth of jeans from the Seabel's store in downtown Pueblo.

According to police, nothing seemed out of the ordinary when the couple entered the store on the afternoon of October 9. The woman browsed through a stack of jeans, then chatted with an employee before leaving with her male companion.

Police tell us the man ran back in a few minutes later and stole the entire stack of jeans the woman had been looking at. Then he ran out the door and climbed into a green Chevy Suburban, possibly driven by the woman. They left the scene before police could get there.

Store management says theft is a big problem at Seabels. They say this is the seventh time this type of crime has taken place.

"This has really shaken up our customers and our employees," said Vivian Lopez, Seabel's manager. "We just really want to come together to help the Police Department and have them help us."

Police have released surveillance images of the suspects. If you have any information on their identities or the crime itself, call the Pueblo Police Department at 719-553-2502 or Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.

Credit: Pueblo Police Department