Couple Finds Woman Cooking In Their Home

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It was a wild morning for local couple, who woke up to find a stranger in their apartment. She allegedly made herself at home, and cooked breakfast for herself inside.

Colorado Springs police said it happened at an apartment complex near Fountain and Circle on the southeast side of town.

John and Anna Appleton were sleeping when they heard someone rummaging through their apartment. They woke up to a pan on the stove and a can of beans in the fridge.

"I know this neighborhood isn't the safest neighborhood, but for someone to just open your door and walk in, that's scary," Anna Appleton said.

John went into their living room and said he found a woman lying on their sofa holding some food she helped herself to from their kitchen.

Alyssa: "She was just curled up with a bold of beans right here?”
John: “She had a bowl of beans right here, I grabbed for the beans and took it out of there."

He then promptly kicked her out of their apartment.

After going through everything, the Appletons said the alleged burglar didn't steal anything, other than the can of beans, some tortillas and a drink. Police took that drink glass for evidence.

Anna: "I'm sitting here like really? I said, none of this was here when I went to bed”
Alyssa: “You're laughing about it now but is it one of those things where all you can do is laugh?”
Anna: “Yeah because it was so stupid."

Police told us they were on the way to the Appletons to investigate what happened when they were called about a woman breaking into one of their neighbors' homes. Those homeowners held her down until police got there and arrested her.

A mug shot of the suspect, Josefina Gonsalez-Nieves, wasn't available at the time of this report.

We did some checking into her background. Gonsalez-Nieves was on probation and was wanted for several felonies. She's been arrested for burglary in the past before but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.