County No Longer Reimbursing Sheriff Maketa's Legal Fees

There's a better picture of how much tax payers will spend on El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa's lawyer.

The sheriff has hired high-powered attorney Pamela Mackey at the taxpayers expense. Mackey is the lawyer who represented Kobe Bryant in his Colorado rape case.

The El Paso county attorney, Amy Folsom, tells 11 News that a state statute requires taxpayers to pay if any county public employee faces legal issues related to their job.

The county has its own attorneys who would normally handle that, but when allegations against the sheriff first came up, the county attorney approved up to $10,000 for Maketa to hire his own lawyer.

She tells 11 News the county wanted to avoid any conflict of interest because the claims were coming from inside the county itself.

Sheriff's office employees filed federal complaints against Maketa, saying women who had sexual relationships with the sheriff got raises and promotions.

Despite the complaints, no formal lawsuits have been filed yet; now the county attorney has decided the county does not need to pay for Maketa to have his own lawyer.

In an email from Mackey to El Paso County, she says she plans to continue to represent Maketa.

"If the reimbursement is not forth coming, Sheriff Maketa will evaluate his legal options to recover the funds to which he is lawfully entitled," the email states.

The county attorney tells 11 News they still do not plan on paying any more bills they get from Pamela Mackey.