County Leaders Host Black Forest Recovery Meeting

A small group of home and property owners met Wednesday to hear an update from state and El Paso County officials about what's next for the Black Forest community.

Commissioner Darryl Glenn hosted the meeting of about 25 people at the El Paso County Charles "Chuck" Brown Transportation and Environmental Complex.

Officials from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department said Wednesday more than 360 properties impacted by the Black Forest Fire have been cleared of debris and can move forward with the new building permit process.

"Then the question is 'do I rebuild or not rebuild?'” said Bob Croft, Deputy Building Official. “After that decision is made and then people start applying and they see the three options we have for people to rebuild, they see the system is much easier than what they anticipate, and once they see that, we think it will start growing."

Specific questions for those impacted by the Black Forest and Waldo Canyon Fires can be answered on the PPRBD website. We’ve added a link at the bottom of this page and on the Find It section of our web channel.