County Commissioners Slam Maketa For Office's Release Of Private Employee Info

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa again found himself at the end of scathing criticism after his office made personal information about an employee public.

The action raised questions as to whether the sheriff's office was retaliating against the employee, who had allegedly given our partners at The Gazette a confidential tip. The next day, the office released a portion of that employee's personnel file on their website and in a news release to the media.

Friday, county commissioners slammed the sheriff and his office for the "unacceptable" act.

"Media releases of this sort are unacceptable and serve only to underscore the ongoing disruptions to operations, as well as the lack of leadership with EPSO," chairman of the Board of Commissioners Dennis Hisey said in a letter to Maketa. Text from the letter was obtained by The Gazette.

"Additionally, they further erode the confidence in your ability to lead as sheriff."

The county commissioners have called for Maketa's resignation, though they can only urge him to, not force. Maketa is facing numerous complaints and potential lawsuits for alleged abuse of power while in office.

As 11 News reported Thursday, the sheriff's office also made public the fact that the deputy is engaged to another deputy, Sgt. Mike Schaller, who is among the many deputies who are in the process of suing the sheriff.