Councilors Side With Mayor On Majority Of Budget Vetoes

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In a special session, the Colorado Springs City Council voted to uphold five of Mayor Steve Bach's budget vetoes, while overriding three.

This comes after Mayor Bach was critical of councilors for amending his 2014 budget. The city council offered 18 amendments to the budget, eight of which Bach vetoed.

At the special session on Monday, the city council sided with Bach on some key budget issues, including funding the police department, the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Regional Business Alliance.

They also voted to support Bach's hiring of a deputy director of the Office of Emergency Management.

The city council did however vote to override the mayor's veto that would keep the number of city departments at five. Councilors want to expand the departments to 12, saying that is what the city charter says.

Bach is holding a news conference Thursday about the budget battle. He does have the option to file a lawsuit to block the city council's action.