Council Talks Possible Ballot Question on Retail Pot

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Voters could have a chance to weigh-in on the retail sale of marijuana. Colorado Springs City Council is meeting, Monday, about a possible ballot question.

Council plans to discuss what a recreational marijuana question would look like in April's election. The city is already paying for an April election. In June, city council opted out of a recreational pot question on November's ballot because it would have been too expensive for tax payers. It would have cost the city an extra $450,000 to $750,00 to put a question on the ballot. In total, I would have cost the city nearly $2 million to have an election.

Our partners with The Gazette reported that a possible ballot question could include how retail pot may be sold within the city. If voters want to create a measure, they would have to form a citizen-initiative.

Last year, city council placed a ban on the retail sale of recreational marijuana. An April ballot question would allow voters to decide the future of the retail sale of marijuana in Colorado Springs.

The Gazette reports the earliest council could vote would be August 26th.