Coroner Releases Report On Couple Killed In Waldo Canyon Fire

The El Paso County Coroner’s Office released autopsy report for the two people who died during the Waldo Canyon Fire. 11 News obtained a copy of the report Wednesday.

The seven page report indicates William Everett, 74, and his wife Barbara, 73, died as a result of smoke inhalation and other “thermal injuries.“

The Everetts lived in the 2900 block of Rossmere Street in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood on the west side of Colorado Springs.

According to the report, investigators said the couple called relatives before their home caught fire and were in the process of evacuating the house. Their home along with nearly 350 others burned down at the height of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Investigators in the coroner’s office found a surgical plate among the remains to help identify William’s body. The plate was used to repair a leg injury he suffered when he fell off a ladder in 1997.

The report goes on to say the manner of death is undetermined because the exact cause of the fire has not been uncovered. The finding could change based on an updated ruling on the cause.