Consequences Of Using Cell Phone At Work

Photo Credit: Stuart Frisby
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For so many of us, we use our phones for everything: calls, texts, pictures and videos. Imagine all of that being deleted in an instant.

We are learning that this is happening more and more in the workplace.

More companies are asking their employees to use their cell phone for work, and paying for the monthly bill.

However, when the person leaves the company, the employer sometimes wants to delete everything off the phone. They no longer want the former employee to have access to work contacts and data.

11 News spoke with a local attorney to see if the practice is legal.

"The contacts that the employee developed, any communication with clients, customers, that's company property so the employer would have a right to require the employee to delete that information," said Mike McDivitt, the CEO of McDivitt Law Firm in Colorado Springs.

McDivitt suggests asking up front when you start a job if you will be required to use your personal phone, and what the guidelines are when you leave.

Experts also suggest backing up your cell phone in case you are thinking about leaving your job anytime soon.