RAW AUDIO: Conduct Of Fountain-Fort Carson HS Coach Called Into Question

Did a local coach go too far after a recent loss? One parent thinks so and shared an audio recording with 11 News.

"We'll go up there and get our (expletive) kicked and we'll come home and do whatever, because everyone wanted to do their own damn thing," Junior Varsity Coach Andrew Behan can be heard saying on the recording.

The recording was made after a recent Fountain-Fort Carson JV baseball game.

At first Coach Behan shares a positive message with the team.

"I'm going to play the guys that are going to be working hard, doing the right things, getting their grades up, doing whatever they have to do," he can be heard saying.

About a minute later Behan starts yelling.

"Start (expletive) playing baseball! I'm tired of this (expletive)!"

11 News asked other parents in the area if they thought the coach went to far.

"It's disgusting," said Elizabeth Segio, "I mean I have kids and I don't want them to hear that kind of language. That's just not a proper way to express yourself."

"When I grew up my coaches talked a lot worse than that and I think we've gotten a little too sensitive in our society sometimes with these things," said Randy Welsch.

"I would definitely say he took it too far," said Jae Hazen.

"I think he's a coach being a coach. He's talking to boys, young men, I don't think he meant it to anybody personally," said Greg Olinyk.

A mixed reaction for some, while one parent wants it to stop.

One of the players told 11 News that the coach did apologize the following night for using that language.

11 News asked School District 8 officials if we could sit down with the superintendent to share the recording and get a statement; they said no.