Concern About Shack In Neighborhood

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A Colorado Springs woman contacted 11 News about some sort of shack or fort by a creek behind her home in a neighborhood near San Miguel and Institute.

She says homeless people are living there and she's worried about her safety.

The Homeless Outreach Team tells 11 News they have been there, they checked it out and don't believe homeless people live there now.

An officer says it appears to be an adventure area for kids, but just to be sure they posted a notice on the fort.

The notice says it's illegal to camp or live there and more importantly gives information on how someone can get help.

The woman who contacted us didn't want to talk on camera, but other neighbors did.

" No problems. It's pretty quiet back there," Mariel Friedberg said.

Friedberg hasn't seen homeless people or children behind her home in the fort.

Jim Montes who also lives in front of the fort or shack says the woman shared her concerns with him and he checked it out.

" It was brought to my attention a while back. A lady was concerned of homeless living there, so I did look and check to see. I saw clothes, didn't see anybody actually there." Jimmy Montes

In the meantime, The HOT team will continue to monitor the area . If no one is living there like they suspect, the fort will remain in tact.

However, if they do discover people camping or living there, they will leave a notice telling the residents the area around the fort will be cleaned up and the fort will be dismantled.

If you know someone who is homeless and needs help, call 719-444-7000 and ask for the Homeless Outreach Team.