Computer Scam Uses FBI Name

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A new computer scam sweeping the Internet has now reached Colorado Springs. The crooks are using the FBI to make the scam seem official, and possibly scare people into giving them money.

We first brought you this story Thursday out of Denver. But now a Springs man tells 11 News he too has had a message purporting being from the FBI pop up on his computer, telling him his computer has been locked.

It may seem like an official message from the FBI, and it actually does lock your computer.

"I restarted my computer and it appeared that it was going to be OK and just as it was coming back on, and getting back online, this warning would come back on again," Jerry Lamer said.

The warning states that because he's downloaded music or movies from the Internet, he's now being fined $200 by the FBI.

"I know I hadn't done that and so...the first thing that comes into my mind is spam or phishing," Lamer said.

The FBI knows about the issue and is getting thousands of complaints. They say it is not a tactic they would ever use.

"People need to know about it. Because somebody that's just starting out using a computer, they get something like this, they're going to panic," Lamer said, concerned.

Experts say unless you're familiar with computers, do not try to fix the problem yourself. It could end up causing more problems, and further infect your computer.

Lamer had his computer specialist come out to take a look, but the warning had already vanished. The specialist believes his anti-virus software eventually found the problem, and took care of it.

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