Racist Graffiti Removed From Neighborhood

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Hateful graffiti has been removed from a local neighborhood. Police say vandals covered a playground and a nearby vacant house with racist words.

The vandalism happened in a neighborhood near Murray and Airport on Robbins Mill Place in Colorado Springs.

The suspects scrawled “KKK” in white spray paint on the side of the vacant house and on the fence.

“This is a tagging that is unacceptable,” said neighbor, Curtis Johnson.

Just a few feet away from the house, Trues Mull Park was also coated with graffiti. Neighbors, like Joe Rendon, say the kids on the playground shouldn't have to see that.

“I don't care for that kind of stuff because that is just showing no respect to anyone's well being, especially the children who play here,” explained Rendon.

But on Sunday morning neighbors woke up to find all of the graffiti gone. Someone painted over it. They also washed the words off of the playground equipment. Neighbors aren't sure who helped to clean it off, but they are glad it's gone.

“Whoever did that, I take my hat off to them because we don't need that kind of stuff in this neighborhood,” said Rendon.

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A community is outraged after someone spray painted "KKK" on the side of a home and fence in a Colorado Springs neighborhood.

The graffiti is at Trues Mull Park and a nearby vacant house. The park is located near S. Murray Blvd. and Airport Road.

One neighbor says her son noticed the graffiti and asked her what it meant.

"How do you tell a child what something so full of hate and something just so disgusting and vile means," said Marcea Flowers.

Residents say this isn't the first time someone has spray painted graffiti in the area, but it has never been so hateful.

Police say they are investigating the incident and are considering the possibility of classifying it as a hate crime.