Community Gathers for Flood Preparedness Meeting Ahead of Storms

It will rain on the Waldo Canyon burn scar Wednesday. Tuesday night, emergency planners told residents nearby to be ready.

Experts from the National Weather Service joined the local Office of Emergency Management Tuesday night at Front Range Alliance Church to explain a few specifics to a group of about 175 people who live in Mountain Shadows.

Trained spotters will be in place around the burn scar to provide up-to-the-minute information about what effects rain will have; the goal is to get clear information to everyone who needs it if we have a flood alert.

"There's been time that the experts have done the mitigation and done what they can to help prepare us,” said Julie Evans, in attendance at the meeting. “The education to the community helps ease those concerns. I mean it can happen so you just have to be prepared for it."

Planners suggest staying on top of what the weather is doing and be ready to activate an at-home emergency plan if a flash flooding alert goes out.