Community Asks Pentagon to Keep Soldiers in Southern Colorado

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Supporters of Fort Carson have sent more than 4,000 postcards to the Pentagon to try to prevent deep cuts in the number of troops at the post near Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance shipped the cards before the midnight Monday deadline to submit public comments. It originally set out to send 2,000 postcards to defense officials.

The Army is considering cutting up to 16,000 troops at Fort Carson and 29 other installations across the country.

The alliance's chief of defense industries, Andy Merritt, said public support for Fort Carson could give it an edge over other posts.

"People have written personal comments themselves," Meritt said. "Many have served themselves and they fell in love with this community. We wanted to make sure the army leaders knew this community had value to them when they served and to those who are still serving."

The Army isn't expected to announce it proposed cuts until 2015.