Commissioners to Vote on Stormwater Ballot Measure

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. The El Paso County Commissioners will be voting, Tuesday, on whether or not the IGA Stormwater Plan should go on November's ballot. It will be their second reading of the resolution.

11 News talked with the City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Manager, Tim Mitros, about what projects could use the funding. He gave us a list of more than 100 Stormwater Projects that the Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority put together for the ballot.

Mitros says an area off Siferd Boulevard and Date Street in Colorado Springs is one of the their top priority projects. Last year, a woman was trapped in her car, while rushing water flooded her car. It was just two weeks ago, that we spoke to neighbors about flooding at the intersections after it rained. Mitros said two weeks ago that the city didn't have enough money to start the project right away. On Monday, Mitros said that if the IGA Stormwater measure passed, the project could be completed a lot sooner.

If voters pass the plan, residents throughout the county could be paying around $7.40 per month. The money raised would go towards Stormwater projects.

We've attached a full list of all the ballot projects on this page.